Supplement Information

Supplement Information

As we continue to grow as a site, we’ll start doing more original articles on popular supplement types, ingredients, and even weight loss methods.  We envision this being a great resource for all of our readers.  We really wish something like this would have been available to us when we were trying to lose weight.

The weight loss world is pretty complicated, and full of all kinds of scams, fine print, and less than effective products.  The articles here are designed to educate you all about how to see a scam, avoid it, and teach you how to determine if a supplement is right for you.  That starts with ingredients.


A supplement is only as good as its ingredients.  But with so many supplements, and so many ingredients in those supplements, it can be easy to get overwhelmed.  That’s especially true when supplement companies are less than honest about what’s actually in those supplements.

Our ingredients section should help you set the record straight.  We’ll dive into all the available information on an ingredient and present it to you as is, no marketing fluff.  That means you’ll be seeing a lot of technical information, clinical studies, and even a few history lessons here an there.  

Supplement Types

While supplements are often a slave to their ingredients, there is a basic categorization element to supplements.  These supplement archetypes largely determine what the supplement does, and even tells you which ingredients they’ll be using.  In the coming weeks we’ll be reporting on various supplement types, when they should be used, who they’re safe for, and which common ingredients they’re using.

Weight Loss Tricks

This is an area we’re going to put everything that doesn’t fit into our other two categories.  We occasionally take on guest writers for these, so if you’re ever interested, be sure to email us!  Here you’ll find a lot of great information from our successful weight loss writers on how you can get to a healthy, sustainable weight.  Whether it’s a workout, diet, or even just a small piece of advice for surviving the movies without a snack, this is a great place to turn.