Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is pretty straightforward here.  We don’t sell your information to third parties.  The most we do is monitor traffic patterns to see if we’re doing the best we can.  That means you shouldn’t be surprised if we start making more articles of a certain type, especially if they grow really popular!  

The only information we keep is when it’s submitted to us.  For example, when you send us an email or comment, we’ll keep that info on record in case we need to get in touch with you about it.  We don’t have a mailing list or anything like that, so you won’t see any spam from our end.  

We think your privacy is valuable, and we’ll do our best to keep your information safe should you send us a comment or question.  We absolutely do NOT handle any type of payment on this site, and we’re definitely not responsible for any issues you may have with another company you visit from our site.  So, be safe, be educated, and try to make decisions based on your knowledge, not your emotions.  This will help you be happier, and keep marketing companies honest.  

Of course, if you have any questions about our policy, feel free to contact us.  We love hearing from our readers, and we’ll do just about anything to keep them happy.  Thanks as always for reading our site, and we hope you do GREAT on your weight loss journey!

All the best,

The Staff at Plus Garcinia