Our Team

Anne Dubois – Anne is one of the original members of our staff here at Plus Garcinia.  She knows firsthand how hard it can be to lose weight, having struggled with her weight for years.  That experience has helped her to really connect with her readers.  In her free time, she likes to go on long walks, and spend time with her dogs, Nancy and Tabitha.

Jen Deacon – Jen is one of those girls who can make you smile no matter what is going on in your life.  Her unflinching optimism has helped a lot of us around the office through some pretty stressful days.  Did we mention she’s a great writer?  She’s less optimistic when she reviews products, and gives a nice balanced approach that we all try to emulate.

Samantha Dahl – Samantha is the rebel on our staff. She always shows up late, but always stays late too.  Seeing her without a cup of coffee is like seeing the sun at midnight.  After struggling for years with her weight, she decided to write about it for a living.  She enjoys writing most about natural weight loss products.

Wendy Littlefield – Wendy use to hate her name.  Being overweight in high school, and with a name that is most commonly heard as a fast food chain will make a lot of people bitter.  But not Wendy.  She got more determined.  She lost a lot of weight, and decided to write about it to help other people do the same.  She now writes for us part time as a way to give back to the community that helped her.

Sara GillSara is a great asset to our staff.  She’s a bit younger than most of our writers, but she is going to outshine us all eventually.  Fiercely determined to perfect her writing, and her body, Sara continues to impress just about everybody she meets.  

Nadia Lindell – Nadia is the girl at the party who is busier making friends with the pets than with the other partygoers.  Antisocial?  No way!  She just loves her animals.  She also loves writing, a lot.  We’re talking thousands of words/day here.  Seriously Nadia, slow down a little bit, you’re making us look bad.  (But don’t really, thanks.)

Christie Ness – Christie is the latest addition to our staff.  She had a background in weight loss writing, and has worked on several popular blogs, as well as freelance for a number of companies.  She brings a wealth of experience in writing, and in evaluating products in ridiculously in-depth reviews.  She’s also a really talented cook!  Don’t get her started on her Beurre Blanc!