About Us


Here at Plus Garcinia, we’re all about one thing, helping our readers navigate the complex world of weight loss supplements.  Most of us here have had our own personal struggles with weight loss, and, although difficult, frustrating and just plain awful at times, those struggles helped teach us some things.  One, not all supplements are really going to help you lose weight.  Two, you’re always going to need to eat right and exercise to get results.  

But that’s the beauty of supplements, they supplement your diet program.  Any supplement that claims you can lose weight while sitting on your butt is just trying to relieve you of your money, while feeding into your lack of knowledge on the process.  So, that’s our goal.  Find products that work, tell our readers how they work, try to be balanced in our analysis, and discuss their shortcomings.  We’ll always share with you the trial offers, just in case you want to see for yourself, but generally, we’re pretty cool-headed when we talk about the supplements.  

And that’s the biggest lesson we can teach all of you trying to lose weight.  Whether you’re trying to lose a lot of weight, a little weight, or you’re in full-blown crisis mode, you need to approach weight-loss with a cool head.  Treat it the same way you do a sale.  The numbers they’re throwing at you aren’t going to be accurate, they’re just made to attract your attention.  So pay attention to ingredients, read up on studies on those ingredients, and target supplements that can help.  That’s how most of us here have lost weight, and that’s how we imagine you will too.

So, thank you for visiting our site, and for letting us join in on your weight loss journey.  We hope we can help you find a product that helps you on your path.  We imagine this place as a safe space for people trying to lose weight.  One where they can discuss what works, with no judgement.  So, if you have anything you want to say, be sure to contact us, or reach out via email to admin@pluggarcinia.org.

So, on behalf of the staff here at Plus Garcinia, we hope to see you back soon, and good luck on your weight loss journey!

The Plus Garcinia Staff